How to Make Linked in the Place to Turn to For Personal Sales and Recruiting

How to Make Linked in the Place to Turn to For Personal Sales and Recruiting


When it comes to digital marketing, social media is a great tool. When we think of popular sights for social media marketing, Facebook may top the list. But Facebook is also filled with political rants and personal information making for distractions that might take away from business and advertising.
Lately, a new choice has been emerging as a digital marketing hub. Its updated features have been attracting up and coming entrepreneurs, as well as many established businesses and it, is focused on building professional relationships. That site is LinkedIn.
Recent statistics show that 80% of B2B leads are generated on LinkedIn and 94% of all marketers are turning to the site to drive leads and increase sales.
Those who are interested in using Linked in to boost sales and simplify the recruiting process should know a bit about how the site works. After all, in this more professional arena, the rules of other social media sites may not apply.
Read on to find out how to make your LinkedIn page attractive to clients, customers and potential employees.

Professionalize Your Banner

linkedIn personalized banner

A banner will be the first thing anyone will see when they are looking at your company. That’s why you want to make it as professional looking as possible while conveying the benefits of your company.
Having your banner done professionally is a good starting point. Websites like Stencil and Canva allow you to make professional looking banners yourself or you can hire a professional to create your banner on another graphics web site, Fiverr. A quality looking banner will help your business look more successful.
Incorporating text and visual elements into your banner will also serve to make your business stand out. Use plenty of color and visual elements. However, remember to remain tasteful in the design of your banner. LinkedIn is a bit more professional than other social media sites so stay away from overly bright colors and ‘hypey’ claims.

Appear as an Authority

linkedIn Authority

Speaking of ‘hypey’ claims….on the internet, a lot of people say a lot of things which may or may not be true. An abundance of false claims make a lot of users wary of the information being tossed around.
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hype your company, it just means that you should do it in a way that will make you come across as trustworthy and transparent.
A photo will show that your claims are ones that you can put your face on. They will also give you more page views. In fact, photos can get you 2,100% more views as compared to those without photos.
And not only do you want to provide photos, you want to make them as professional looking as possible.
It’s a good idea to use a professional photographer to take a head shot that you can use on your LinkedIn page.
To make yourself really look like an authority, use a photo of yourself in action. If your job involves public speaking, you can take a picture of yourself delivering a lecture. Other ideas are to feature photos where you appear to be in a meeting or helping a customer.

Include Video Content

LinkedIn video

LinkedIn now gives you the option to include video in your feed. This is a very effective form of content, standing out from the many articles that are published every day.
Not sure what type of content you can use for you video? Just think of any article you might publish and read it aloud while video taping! You can also tape events that are occurring in and around your office that might be relevant to your business.
Another reason video content is so effective on LinkedIn is because the site is promoting this feature by showing your video to 5x the normal amount of people who would see it otherwise. This is an effective way to boost your brand and increase sales.

Think Before You Post

Many social media sites allow you the ability to publish across various platforms. This can be beneficial as content featured on Facebook will appeal to the same audiences as those on sites like Instagram and Snap Chat and the fact that these are easy to share provides an added bonus.
However, you should take a moment before posting that same content on Linked In.
Linked In caters to a more professional crowd and if your peers see you in an unprofessional light, it could be detrimental to your career and image. Therefore, you should be careful to differentiate your content before posting it on this web site.
Another thing to remember is to make your posts as clear and concise as possible. You can be personable and even add in humor but be sure to get to the heart of the manner quickly and to do so in an honest and straightforward manner.

Other Tips

Other things to keep in mind when posting on LinkedIn is to make sure you’re not too social, frivolous or light on value. While being friendly and having manners is nice, be sure to get to your point quickly and avoid posting any personal content on your page.
LinkedIn is a great resource for personal sales and recruiting. If you haven’t been on the site lately, you should browse around to check out updates and the new overall feel the site has to offer. You also might want to look at other professional profiles for inspiration on how to create yours. Then get to work to start making this up and coming social media site work for you.